What is TapaReef?

What is TapaReef?

The name TapaReef is a combination of a few different things that have special meaning to us as surfers, travellers and business owners.

Karang Tapa is a reef located in Central Java, Indonesia at Latitude: -6°40'10.92" and Longitude: 111°18'5.39"


Much of our spare time has been spent surfing and travelling throughout Indonesia from Sumatra to Sumba, East Timor, Java, Bali and points in between and we liked the idea of a business name that references a part of the world where we have so many great memories.

Tapa cloth which was the inspiration for our packaging design is decorated bark cloth made from the inner bark of various trees such as the paper mulberry, banyan, and breadfruit. It is an ancient craft that has been practiced and refined for thousands of years. While tapa cloth is most often recognized as a Polynesian craft, it has also been made in South America, Indonesia, New Guinea, Melanesia, and parts of Africa. Tapa designs, and ways of creating them, are intrinsic to certain Pacific Island groups – from the watermarked and hand-sewn Hawai’ian pieces (kapa), to the striking blue tapa from the Solomon Islands. For generations of Polynesians, tapa has been used as a way to record historical events or changes within a culture. 


Having lived in places such as Micronesia, the Marshall Islands, Hawaii and travelled throughout much of Polynesia, we wanted to include the tapa cloth design in our products to reflect the cultural diversity, value, histories and traditions of all island people.

Finally and somewhat coincidentally, Tapa is the name of our beloved Labrador who was a rescue dog from the pound and came to us with that name. It just seemed too much like fate.








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Sep 11, 2015 • Posted by Erica Adamson

Awesome idea and beautiful website! Love it!! xxx :)

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