TapaReef Sunscreen Remover Towelettes - Frequently Asked Questions 

Where is the company TapaReef based?

The company founders are from Australia and the US and the company is based out of Melbourne Beach, Florida and Sydney, Australia.

Where can I buy them?

The 25 count pouches and individually wrapped towelettes are sold online at www.tapareef.com or on Amazon.com. They can also be found in in store at select locations. Refer to the Retail Outlets tab on our home page for a list of stores that carry them.

Why are they 99.25% natural?

We worked with our manufacturer's R&D team to develop an all natural formula, however all personal care products that contain water need to be preserved so they don’t grow harmful organisms. Unfortunately, natural preservatives have not been found to adequately prevent the growth of microbials (bacteria) especially for a product that might be left in the sun like in your car or beach bag. These towelettes contain a very low concentration of the mildest PH neutral preservative we could find to keep our product safe for our customers.

Can’t I just use normal facial wipes to remove my sunscreen?

Of course and many people do. However, normal facial wipes may not work as effectively to remove all of the sunscreen from your face and may not contain specific post-sun skincare ingredients such as witch hazel to soothe sunburn and antioxidants such as Vitamin C.

What are TapaReef’s green credentials?